Wealth Management Process

THALASSA CAPITAL delivers a five dimensional advantage over traditional wealth management:

Objective Advice

  • Objective advice is at the core of our process
  • Our independent organizational structure ensure objectivity and transparency
  • A transparent fee structure ensure alignment of the long-term client’s interest with ours

Sophisticated Investment Advice and Implementation

  • Investment strategy development tailored to the client multi-dimensional profile
  • Portfolio design
  • Direct specialized money management and outside manager implementation
  • This integrated blueprint is a living document that guides decision-making potentially over multi-generational investment horizons

Third Party Co-ordination

  • Development of a collaborative model to handle efficiently all expert parties involved
  • Integration of in-house and outside expertise in investing, tax management, risk management, estate planning, philanthropic planning, family governance and many other critical areas

Leadership in Governance and Education

  • Considerable wealth comes with considerable complexity
  • Good governance and education are not optional but fundamental to success
  • Strategic governance and educational processes must be set in place ex ante
  • Communication procedures must be set up to ensure transparency and guide expectations

Day-to-Day Operations

  • For wealthy investors a breakdown in the daily operational management can have magnified ramifications
  • Technology is set up to increase efficiency in this area